Who Else Wants Christmas Party Strippers?

Have an office party that doesn’t suck

It may be on Thanksgiving, or sometime on Black Friday, but the time will come for holiday celebrations. It could be the office Christmas party, or getting the guys together for a year end bash; or even the dreaded December birthday. How can you be the secret Santa everybody wants or the king and master of holiday parties? Why not make it a eye popping splash by contacting adult entertainment services involving holiday party strippers? All you have to do is hire some sexy girls to deliver fun and good cheer. A new tradition for holiday parties would have hot honey’s revealing bodacious figures in and out of sexy Christmas lingerie. Sexy party strippers, fun topless bartenders or just a foxy girl in a revealing festive outfit to help give out gifts, there are many ways scantily clad females make your Christmas parties a bit more merry. Naughty or nice? Who care’s? Bring on the babes! When you book a North Carolina party stripper there’s a whole new meaning to spreading the holiday cheer and you can’t get too much of that each season.

Will Your Christmas Party Be Naughty or Nice?

If it’s the office Christmas party with ladies involved, order one or two sexy Charlotte male strippers to keep them entertained while the guys are enjoying the babe with big hooters in the sexy Santa costume. That way you can be an equal opportunity employer; after all you have to be politically correct! Getting a male dancer will keep the women busy while you enjoy the female dancers. That way you don’t have to share your strippers with the ladies; who says you can’t’ be selfish at Christmas! Male strippers can masquerade as Santa Claus; when you book them, and they may have other services like serving adult beverages in boxer shorts or a thong and bow tie. Sometimes nude lapdances and sexy strippers may be too naughty for a conservative office Christmas party. So why not order a great looking party hostess or hosts to get your crowd going? A pretty girl wearing an elf outfit that shows off her legs while delivering the secret Santa gifts may be just the thing to spice it up without shocking your coworkers. She can make sure the punch bowl is full and bring beers and cocktails. A topless bartender may be perfect for some crowds; others may want to tone it down to a couple of hardbodied bikini bartenders. Our fabulous looking staff will cater to your guests and ensure your party is the talk of the town. We have customers that get this service for their holiday event every year. Sometimes they mix it up and start with a topless waitress and then end with a one hour sexy and naughty Charlotte stripper show. This will end the year with towering employee morale and the male party goes have a fabulous time.

There’s no better way to show you care than with lap dances from gorgeous strippers on the house. All of your coworkers will want to go to the office Christmas party when they can enjoy a sexy surprise. Everybody wins at your December poker party when you hire a naughty topless Mrs. Claus to deal cards. Services with party strippers turn boring Christmas parties into events everyone will want to attend each year. All of our holiday cuties look great in little red outfits trimmed in fur and cute Santa hat’s on their head. Sometimes they will wear shiny white or red holiday stockings. One dancer even has a pair of stockings that resemble candy canes; what could make a pair of sexy legs look sweeter?  When you book a hot party stripper in Charlotte people will remember that far longer than the local artisan fruitcake display. Don’t stop at just one entertainer, book 2 of Santa’s sexiest helpers and watch what happens when they get together under the mistletoe.

There are many directions that you can run with this and I can help explain more of the options. If you need to search for more Christmas party services I can help you customize a naughty or nice holiday – or both! – party package that will make everyone’s night and raise their spirits sky high. Don’t forget New Year’s Eve parties are coming soon so its a good idea to start planning to book Christmas party strippers now while time slots are still available. Choose from our female party dancers or male strippers for a rollicking Christmas party or private event. When you give the gift that unwraps itself you will find out why giving is as much fun as receiving!

Get The Instant Party Hack – Party Strippers

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Sure you can have a bachelor party in Charlotte without strippers, but why bother? It just won’t be the same with some sexy women stripping to the music of your choice and teasing the bachelor. You may feel like you’re being selfish, but the crowd will enjoy it just as much as the man of the hour. Obviously it’s something you can’t do throughout the  day, but when the sun goes down – or even before – then its time to bring on the nude dancers and party on! Sure you can play silly drinking games, but have you ever played down the kitty? You never will unless you hire some sexy Charlotte strippers. Because let’s face it you don’t want to drink beer off of the best man. Just saying. Don’t try playing any sexy bachelor party games at the Charlotte strip club unless you enjoy being tossed out of the club by a bouncer. And who wants to share those wild and crazy bachelor party moments with the rest of the club. Party at your place with all your friends and the best dancers in the city and you won’t have to go out on the town. They have many local exotic dancer choices that have been selected for their bodacious bodies and fun loving attitudes. Their dancers are so hot that the company doesn’t have to trap you with a credit card deposit. You don’t pay until the hotties arrive and you love the girls that you see. How cool is that! CharlotteStrippers101.com is your one stop bachelor party destination. Their booking staff can help you set everything up to perfection. They have awesome girls who are consistent bachelor party favorites; their experience and personality will ensure your party will be a smashing success. No other company can offer you this level of service. So book your dancers and relax knowing that your party is in good hands.

Ordering Charlotte Strippers Made Easy

Learn more about Charlotte’s most recommended stripper service. That’s right! If you are planning to use any kind of service – auto repair, roofing, cleaning, strippers – you should always ask your friends or coworkers for recommendations. Any company that is legit and customer service oriented will work hard for work of mouth recommendation. Ask what company they used; find out the names of the girls that performed. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have fat or ugly girls show up when of course it’s not what you wanted? Believe me, you will never be able to live that down amongst your friends. Yes, it can happen to you if you’re not careful and do research; why get stuck paying for girls you didn’t order? Your party or special event is too important to  have anything left to chance! Use the same service all your friends use and your event planning will be perfect with the areas top choice for local exotic dancers. Since 1992 we have helped many a best man blow way everyones expectations with the hottest entertainment to over 25,000 bachelor parties in Charlotte, NC and surrounding. As always we  strive to provide the best customer service so we can keep your repeat business and trust. Book your party with Charlotte Strippers 101 today and find out first hand what all the buzz is about.

The dancers have arrived! What to do next to insure your party rocks.

Step by step to getting the bachelor party started with strippers!

The big day has arrived – your buddies bachelor party – and you’re eagerly awaiting the dancers to arrive. If you chose wisely, the girls you selected will be at your door at the designated time. That’s the first party of the plan for an epic bachelor party. What you do after that will help you make sure your party is a smashing success.

If you booked with a professional service like Charlotte Strippers 101 then you will find that the girls will arrive in street clothing. Hey we know that not all of your neighbors are cool with this so there is no sense alerting them by having the girls arrive looking like they are ready to climb the pole. They will need a place to get ready so have a bedroom with a bathroom attached ready for them. It would be a good idea to keep the rest of the party members out of there as well. Give them a few minutes to get their stripper gear on.

While they are getting ready, make some room in the living room. Move any coffee tables or anything they can bump into out of the way. The amazing strippers in Charlotte that you hired have many moves and party tricks to show to your guests; give them some space to do all that. Also for the bachelor put a chair in the center of the room. The best chair will not have arms on the side so the girls can get up close and personal with the man of the hour.

Soon the girls will be ready to put on their show. Please treat the girls with respect! Just because their strippers doesn’t mean that they are not human. The nicer you are

What to do when the girls arrive.
What to do when the girls arrive.

to the girls, the better your show will be. Talk to any stripper in Charlotte and they will tell you that the best party experiences are with a group of guys who are fun and nice. These are they type of guys that the dancers will stay longer to entertain. If the dancers are having fun then you will have fun. And the fun can last all night when you have the right attitude!

Finally, have plenty of tip money for the girls. They will have many party tricks and other stunts to perform that you will never see at a strip club in Charlotte. They have creative ways to make things disappear that will blow your mind. You will want to see all of the dancer stunts and games! The more you tip, the crazier it gets and the more fun you have. Pretty much how life works.

So when hiring the sexy strippers in Charlotte, NC that will tease the crowd at a bachelor party, remember to make them comfortable, treat them right and tip them plenty and you will have a bachelor party that is epic. Create great memories that will last longer after the strippers have said goodbye.