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Step by step to getting the bachelor party started with strippers!

The big day has arrived – your buddies bachelor party – and you’re eagerly awaiting the dancers to arrive. If you chose wisely, the girls you selected will be at your door at the designated time. That’s the first party of the plan for an epic bachelor party. What you do after that will help you make sure your party is a smashing success.

If you booked with a professional service like Charlotte Strippers 101 then you will find that the girls will arrive in street clothing. Hey we know that not all of your neighbors are cool with this so there is no sense alerting them by having the girls arrive looking like they are ready to climb the pole. They will need a place to get ready so have a bedroom with a bathroom attached ready for them. It would be a good idea to keep the rest of the party members out of there as well. Give them a few minutes to get their stripper gear on.

While they are getting ready, make some room in the living room. Move any coffee tables or anything they can bump into out of the way. The amazing strippers in Charlotte that you hired have many moves and party tricks to show to your guests; give them some space to do all that. Also for the bachelor put a chair in the center of the room. The best chair will not have arms on the side so the girls can get up close and personal with the man of the hour.

Soon the girls will be ready to put on their show. Please treat the girls with respect! Just because their strippers doesn’t mean that they are not human. The nicer you are

What to do when the girls arrive.

What to do when the girls arrive.

to the girls, the better your show will be. Talk to any stripper in Charlotte and they will tell you that the best party experiences are with a group of guys who are fun and nice. These are they type of guys that the dancers will stay longer to entertain. If the dancers are having fun then you will have fun. And the fun can last all night when you have the right attitude!

Finally, have plenty of tip money for the girls. They will have many party tricks and other stunts to perform that you will never see at a strip club in Charlotte. They have creative ways to make things disappear that will blow your mind. You will want to see all of the dancer stunts and games! The more you tip, the crazier it gets and the more fun you have. Pretty much how life works.

So when hiring the sexy strippers in Charlotte, NC that will tease the crowd at a bachelor party, remember to make them comfortable, treat them right and tip them plenty and you will have a bachelor party that is epic. Create great memories that will last longer after the strippers have said goodbye.